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1. Laser pointers are bad for the psychological wellbeing of your dog
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Laser Pointers Could Be Bad for your Dog

However, sources say the garda driving school has been run down over recent years to the extent that only a handful of gardai at a time are in training. The training centres in the Phoenix Park and in the Garda College in Templemore can handle only around 10 trainees at a time and often less, according to sources.

Before the new regulations were introduced, an ad hoc system prevailed where all gardai could breach speed limits and use their sirens even without the advanced training.

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Gardai are said to be angry at the new system. According to sources, some are even deliberately failing the rules of the road test part of the course. If we have a call to an armed incident, we are expected to drive within the limit and not use the siren. Gardai ordered to stop at red lights while chasing suspects Gardai will now have to stop at traffic lights.

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Dogs love to play games and they love to please their person. When they are prevented from catching an object, whether it be a laser or a ball that was never thrown, they have nothing to return.

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What is this reward for? The laser pointer is really a game for our cat so i make sure to use it in another room where the dog is not however if he catches me even at the age of 14 my dog will push the cat out of the way to chase the pointer at that point its game over. Susan Ritzert. No Lasers for my girls.

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We now have 9 cats. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Or browse results titled :. Also in Irish News. AKC GoodDog! My dogs do chase a laser pointer and know where the light is coming from.

If you adopt a friend for your dog then they have a playmate which is much better for them then any old laser. They get plenty of exercise running,chasing and wrestling with each other and are fun to watch and when tired out they come to me to snuggle.

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This is known from all the years of dog psychology, All problems come from abandonment issues involving their mothers and laser pointers. Otherwise we would go around believing they were just acting like animals. Sorry, my dog looks fine. He sleeps good, eats good, plays and barks. And the little laser light is only occasionally interesting. The cats like it more and they get rewarded with a different toy they can actually catch. All he does is look cross-eyed at me, then roll over and go to sleep. I end the game by putting a treat in my hand, then moving the light into my hand and onto the treat.

I just bought a laser pointer for my pup. And wondered about the psychological part of it. But I will still limit our time with it. I played only two games with my 5 months old puppy and she went very unsettled for a long time, and I could see that she was feeling nervous instead of enjoying it. She was scared of going to certain part of the room, and started guarding her other toys, and very slow obeying any commands from me for the rest of the day, and constantly looking around.

I should have done a bit more research before started on this game. The hiding treats with the laser beam idea makes sense to me though, because I think the real problem is the lack of closure at the end of the chase of the light dot. My dog, Thor, has never chased one of those lasers… But now i know if anyone in my family gets one of those i will tell them first to hide treats and then shine the light on it!

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Dogington Post. Amy Jul 6, at pm. L May 16, at pm. Kevin Apr 19, at am. I just got a laser but my furbaby does not like it! She is afraid of it actually!

Rick Dec 3, at pm. SnufflesDBear Aug 12, at am.

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Chris Aug 9, at am. Hunter May 24, at pm. Angela Poling Apr 10, at pm. Shayne O May 1, at am. Lizzy Feb 27, at am. June Dixon Feb 20, at pm. Sharon Feb 20, at pm. If your dog likes playing with other toys, I suggest staying with toys with no down side. No joke. Linz Feb 20, at pm.